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Thats an improvement from 2014, when an analysis found that Google Translate was less than 60 percent accurate for medical information. Google Translate improved in 2016, when it started using a new algorithm - since then, one 2019 study found that it can be over 90 percent accurate in Spanish.
Translate - Tailwind CSS.
By default, Tailwind provides fixed value translate utilities that match the default spacing scale, as well as 50 and 100 variations for translating relative to the elements size. You can customize your spacing scale by editing theme.spacing or theme.extend.spacing in your tailwind.config.js file.
PROMT.One Translator free online dictionary and text translation.
Translate anywhere and anytime using the free PROMT mobile translator for iOS and Android. Try voice and photo translation. Install language packages for offline translation on mobile devices and download PROMT AGENT, a plugin for pop-up translation in any Windows app, with a PREMIUM subscription.
Spanish Translation Spanish to English to Spanish Translator.
Spanish learning for everyone. The worlds largest Spanish dictionary. Conjugations for every Spanish verb. Learn vocabulary faster. Learn every rule and exception. Native-speaker video pronunciations. Word of the Day. Popular Spanish Lessons. Interactive and immersive lessons for every level. First Day of School. At the Restaurant. We Are Family. Popular Vocabulary Lists. Custom and curated word lists and quizzes. Flavors of LaCroix. Restaurant Words and Phrases. Tourism and Travel. Download Premium-only study materials and conversation guides. Spanish Grammar Overview. Spanish Verb Conjugations. Why translate with SpanishDict? MILLIONS OF TRANSLATIONS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Translate Anything and Everything. Translate something for school, a sign, a business email, or anything else you need. WRITTEN BY EXPERTS. Translate with Confidence. Access millions of accurate translations written by our team of experienced English-Spanish translators. AI-POWERED MACHINE TRANSLATION.
Say Goodbye to Google Translate for Websites Argo Translation.
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The languages that defy auto-translate - BBC Future. Search BBC.
Google Translate currently offers the ability to communicate in around 108 different languages while Microsoft's' Bing Translator offers around 70 languages. Yet there are more than 7,000, spoken languages around the world, and at least 4,000, with a writing system.
Google Translate - Chrome Web Store.
Learn more about Google Translate at By: installing this extension, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at UPDATE: v.2.0: Now you can highlight or right-click a text and translate it vs. translate the entire page.
translate verb Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes Oxford Advanced Learner's' Dictionary at
translate something from something This chapter was translated from the French by Oliver Breen. translate something from something into something His works have been translated from French into countless languages. translate something as something Suisse had been wrongly translated as Sweden.
Unity - Scripting API: Transform.Translate.
transform.Translate Vector3.up Time.deltaTime, Space.World. public void Translate float x float, y float, z. public void Translate float x float, y float, z, Space relativeTo Space.Self.; Moves the transform by x along the x axis, y along the y axis, and z along the z axis.
The Pros and Cons of Google Translate Language Connections.
Google Translate uses a statistical method to form an online translation database based on language pair frequency Google Translate uses a statistical approach to build an online database for translations that are often but not always produced by humans and are available online.
Online Translator
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